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  "KIPPU" (train tickets) culture was introduced to Japan from England in 19th century, along with steam locomotives.

  Size, materials and design of KIPPU have been localized to Japan, and loved by so many people in Japan.

  Nowadays, the function of KIPPU as voucher is substituted with IC cards, and the number of KIPPU is decreasing.

  However, we believe that its value as the "tangible memory" - departure, trip, and so on - remains the same forever.

  YAMAGUCHI SECURITIES PRINTING Inc., established in 1921 in Tokyo, has inherited the art of KIPPU printing for a hundred years.

  We hope to hand down the value and the printing art of KIPPU to prosperity, and launched the design stationery brand "Kumpel" in 2017.

  “Kumpel” means "the partner" in German, which is the language of the country of modern printing.

  We hope to continue to be the partner of trains and people, just like KIPPU.

  If you are interested in Japanese "KIPPU" culture, and our products created with the art of KIPPU printing, please feel free to contact us. We can contract with stores in foreign countries, and also develop original products for you.

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